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Loving Family of Six

We are pleased to have met a loving family of six, with four girls under the age of 6, who fell upon hard times following a car accident and the premature birth of their baby Gianna. Born 15 weeks premature and weighing 1 pound 10 ounces, with a multitude of health issues, she spent 5 months hospitalized with both parents missing work for recovery and care.

Dad is back to work but needless to say the family has been financially wiped out due to all the extra medical bills, unexpected expenses with no end in site. This is WHY our volunteers and supporters name CTCF as their charity of choice so that WE can step in and help this family to get over the hump. We were able to get them caught up on mortgage payments and keep the roof over their heads. Mom & Dad are resilient and pledge to pay it forward.