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John Longo

“I’ve always believed that music can be both universal and incredibly healing. My Dad showed me a few chords at 6yo and haven’t stopped since! Along the way I have been truly blessed to play all over the world alongside some of the very very best musicians and artists!

I’ve also spent the last 40 years volunteering on charitable boards and always wanted to try to find a way to merge my passion for music and my passion to help those in need, especially children.

Being on the Board of CTCF all these years has been so incredibly rewarding. My fellow board members are tireless, passionate, and inspiring! To see the real difference we’ve made in some of the most difficult situations is what keeps me motivated, and to further contemplate what more I can do.

I came up with an idea to start recording and releasing some of my original songs. I’ve released two original songs “Almost Home”, and “Smokin’ Gun”, and 100 percent of the royalties go to CTCF.

I’m also finishing up in the studio a new original “Don’t You Worry” which was debuted this past Saturday and again all royalties will go to CTC.

Both songs are streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and iHeart Radio. Go to and pick your favorite streaming service.

Even if you don’t buy the song but just listen, CTCF receives a few pennies……but those pennies can really add up and make a real difference to a child in desperate need. No child should EVER slip through the cracks!

I call it Music for Change and have encouraged other musicians to donate their royalties to their favorite charitable organizations.”