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Jake Goes to Camp

Cherish the Children supported Jake so that he could attend the Constraint Movement Therapy camp. This camp is designed for children with CP hemiplegia. Over three weeks of intensive therapy and strengthening activities, they aim to strengthen and build capacity on their weaker side.

This camp has been running for 18 years and is one of a kind in Connecticut. The children who attend range in age from about 5 to 18 years old, many who benefit by attending camp for several summers, and it is staffed by volunteer physical and occupational therapists, special educators and researchers. There is so much positive energy with children driving motorized vehicles, playing basketball, completing obstacle courses, playing parachute games and duck-duck-goose…. All with their weaker side. You can see how hard they are working despite the big smiles.

Jake’s mom, Fernanda, spoke about the measurable difference this opportunity has already made for Jake. He is getting stronger and more confident in his skills. He set a goal to be able to throw and catch a ball on his weaker side! Most importantly, Fernanda talks of how Jake has mentioned that in his school he is different, and there is no one “like him” there. This camp has allowed him to meet many other children so much “like him” so he no longer feels alone.

two children hugging for a photo