Hanna Headed to Camp 2017

It is with tears in my eyes that I am write to you. My family is grateful that Cherish The Children Foundation is able to help our exceptional daughter, Hannah by making it possible for out feisty three-year old to attend a three-week camp for children with hemiplegia. Hannah spent 138 days in the NNICU after being born premature--weighing just under a pound and a half--with a brain injury that affected her left arm and leg. Last summer, Hannah participated in the program as a part-time student. Her teachers and therapists were astonished by the great gains she made in the use of her left hand. We can't wait to see how this year's therapy helps Hannah as she continues to grow and thrive. -Thank you.

Off to UCONN

LaShawn & Thiri thanking CTCF for the support that enabled them to receive a private high school education through the Matthew 25 program. They will be attending UCONN.

Living the life of an active young boy.

Born with a rare condition requiring a bone marrow transplant, young Nar could not return to his family home without it being a conducive, purified environment. CTCF provided a grant to have the specialized HVAC system installed for his safe return and post surgery recovery. This strong young boy and his immediate family lived in isolation for the following year to ensure his safety from exposure to germs for a complete recovery. Today his is able to attend school and play with family and friends and live the life of an active young boy.

Meet Isabella

In 2007 CTCF's grant enable Isabella to receive special surgeries and today she is an honor student attending high school.


Nora, 8 years old, attended Camp Helping Hands, an intensive 3-week day camp designed to improve strength and movement for children with Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy, with an emphasis on strengthening the weaker side as a result of CTCF generous supporters.

Nora tells her therapist things like, "I need you to teach my body how to go down the stairs carrying my doll all by myself", or "I want to learn to move around school easier so that I can spend more time with my friends.." Clearly this is a very motivated, social kiddo who gets all that she can from her therapies and has learned a lot at her young age about self-advocacy.

Mom volunteers to run a monthly support group for parents in her community as her way of 'paying it forward'.
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